Selected Works and Publications


Programming in Processing For Designers
Workshop, Millersville University Design Weekend 2015

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Talking Ball V4
Fabric Sphere, FM radio transmitter, sensors, microcontroller, C code.
With Studio CNS, 2014
A portable/interactive sound device, for use in a series of therapeutic workshops where participants are invited to search and work through their inner feelings.

8staticMarch2014_WM_004 8staticMarch2014_WM_003

Making 8-bit/glitch art using the Processing environment.
Workshop, 8Static 3E, 2014

Programming from the Outside-In: An Intro to Hardware Hacks
Tech Talk, PennApps Fall 2013

Interactive LED Matrix Blanket (installed) Soldering 5050 LEDs is hard. Let's go shopping!

Interactive LED Matrix Quilt
Fabric, RGB LEDs, enameled wire, thermistor, microcontroller, C code.
54" x 54"
Hack 1.0, 2012
The technology behind the ubiquitous digital LED sign board, re-appropriated in "soft circuit" form.
Viewers are invited to touch the temperature-sensitive resistor (thermistor) embedded in the blue outline of a hand, and as their body heat warms the blanket, the blanket warms its coloration in response.
Upgrade your snuggling experience today.

Standup Arcade Cabinet Controller Hack Standup Arcade Cabinet Controller Hack

"Punk" Hacked Standup Arcade Controller
Punk Arcade, 2012

Another DIY-Galvonometer Laser Show

Music-Responsive Laser Galvanometer
Ghost in the Machine, 2012

Pixel Sorting (Guns)
FLASH FL00D, 2012
Philadelphia City Paper, March 1, 2013

Bring Your Own Beamer lighting installation, Little Berlin Gallery The Personal Need to Fall Asleep to Colored Lights

LED Beamer light installation
256 RGB LEDs, Lens, microcontroller, C code
Bring Your Own Beamer, 2012

Laser Graffiti Spray Can

Laser Graffiti Spray Can Controller
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 2012
Video, interview

solar flowers

Solar Flowers, 2011
Bio-inspired sun-powered nightlight

Analog Video Art, 2011